MORE than £100,000 is what cost Bracknell Forest Council to fix just 1,309 potholes in the last two years despite roads being 'shocking'.

The Bracknell News carried out an investigation into how much Bracknell Forest Council spent on fixing potholes in the last 24 months, as well as the time it took to fix them.

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Figures obtained from the freedom of information request show the council spent the last six months fixing just 320 potholes and 627 in the last year.

In total, it cost the council £102,034.10 to fix potholes in the last two years.

A council spokesman said: "All potholes that are reported to BFC are repaired within 2 hrs, 24hours or 28days depending on their risk to highway users.

"There will be, due to terminology purposes, occasions when “potholes” reported to us may not be repaired because we do deem the “potholes” not to be at a level warranting intervention or repair. "

However, one driver from Bracknell says she reported a pothole after it caused her a flat tyre.

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Leigh Quigg said: "I got an instant flat after hitting a pot hole in Yeovil Rd, Sandhurst last year.

"Reported it at 4.30pm and by 7pm it was bodge job filled but the council refused my claim for compensation.

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"Clearly deep enough to warrant immediate repair. But not to pay for my new tyre. Roads are shocking around here."

In neighbouring town Wokingham, a massive £1,813,622.09 was spent on fixing 8,302 potholes in the last 2 years, however.

From April 2018 to March 2019, 2,397 potholes were repaired with 34 overlayed and 521 patched up.

The data shows that 'other' jobs around fixing potholes cost Wokingham Borough Council £1,213,693.24. The data doesn't specify which jobs these are.