Bracknell MP James Sunderland has responded to concerns raised by constituents about a lack of financial support for self-employed business owners. 

Company employees will benefit from seeing 80 per cent of their wages paid for by the government in the coming weeks and months but those with their own companies are appealing for more help. 

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A financial package which could go out to support those who need help is being debated in parliament today, but the lack of guidance so far has made life difficult for a number of self-employed residents.

Bracknell News:

The News asked Bracknell MP James Sunderland about the government's response to those business owners who have found themselves needing more support.

He said: “We have seen a truly unprecedented move this week from the Treasury to address issues from businesses and individuals.

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“This is on a scale and a nature we have never seen before.

“What is important is the scale and commitment of the government’s package.

“To pay 80 per cent of salaries as a job retention scheme is truly unprecedented.

Bracknell News:

“To bolster the benefits system in the way we have done is again unprecedented.

“We have also suspended the minimum income floor for 12 months which means that self-employed people can now, access in full, Universal Credit at a rate that is equivalent to Statutory Sick Pay for employees.

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“For the self-employed, we are also deferring the income tax self-assessment payments for July until the end of January 2021.

“We will announce further measures to support the self-employed over the coming days.

“It is important that we protect not only the health of our nation, but we must do our best to protect jobs and the economy.

“We will come through this national emergency and we need to make sure we are fully prepared for when we come out on the other side.

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“I am speaking with ministers daily to raise your concerns and I am confident the government is doing all it can in the best interests of the nation.”