A COUPLE from Bracknell are among hundreds of other British tourists trying to return home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sian Worley and her boyfriend Ryan Thorp are currently trying to get home after being stranded in lockdown Cusco, Peru since Sunday, March 1.

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The pair, like 500 other British and Irish nationals, are feeling desperate, anxious and abandoned by the UK government as other

countries successfully fly their citizens home.

Sian and Ryan from Challis Place in Bracknell are using the hashtag #UKstuckinPeru to connect with other travellers who are stranded in the South American country.

She said: "Our main worries are around how long is the lockdown going to last and the lack of communication I’ve had from my MP.

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"We try to be as calm as possible. It has certainly been anxiety provoking, when the police have come to the hostel to enforce the curfew which is 8pm - 5am, we have to remain in the hostel.

"From 5am - 8pm we can go out of the hostel but only to get food and drink, visit a pharmacy or an ATM."

Ms Worley from Bracknell works for the council at New Hope Drug and Alcohol recovery service.


Her boyfriend Ryan runs his own electrical business and the pair travelled to South America in October 2019.

She said the situation in Peru feels stressful and beyond her control. They even had to buy face masks before they were allowed into the supermarket, highlighting how real the situation feels.

The 38-year-old added: "We do feel safer knowing that it’s not just us in this situation, there are other travellers stuck here too. Although, each nationality has different levels of support from their home government. For example, the Israeli tourists were flown home last week - their government seemed to have responded very quickly to the crisis here."

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Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab had few words of support for those stranded and said: “If they can stay safely in the countries where they are for a period, I think that’s a choice they will have to think very

seriously about.”

So far, there are 363 positive coronavirus cases in Peru.

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