A BAN on parking on pavements across England could be introduced to help pedestrians, the Department for Transport (DfT) has announced.

The government will consult on whether to give local authorities more power to tackle the problem.

However, readers in Bracknell have been in contact with the News about issues on their roads with drivers parking on pavements.

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CJ from Bracknell worked in the The Sterling Centre for nearly six years and has noticed an ongoing parking problem off of Eastern Road.

He said: "Personally I can walk around the cars no problem, but there is a special needs school on this street and I am concerned about the students potentially having to walk in the road. Anybody with a pushchair or who isn't able-bodied, for example, would also have difficulty.

Bracknell News:

"There must not be sufficient parking in the nearby homes, or possibly the residents are being overcharged to use the available spaces. Either way I think more needs to be done to provide parking to the people living in this area."

So far, parking on pavements is banned in London but elsewhere it is only prohibited for lorries.

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People who park in a dangerous position or cause an unnecessary obstruction can be fined, and a mixture of criminal and civil sanctions are available to police and local councils to enforce restrictions on pavement parking.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Vehicles parked on the pavement can cause very real difficulties for many pedestrians.

“That’s why I am taking action to make pavements safer and I will be launching a consultation to find a long-term solution for this complex issue. This will look at a variety of options – including giving local authorities extended powers to crack down on this behaviour.”