STORMS Dennis and Ciara have wreaked havoc in recent weeks — and Storm Jorge is on the way.

The recent bad weather led to many trees being uprooted and this had led to many requests for trees and branches needing to be cut down.

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Bracknell Forest Council’s (BFC) planning hub is full of tree-removal requests this week, so we’ll leaf you to go through recent proposals to chop down a number of trees across the borough.

Full details for each proposal by entering the planning reference at

Three trees to be chopped down in Ascot (20/00041/TR5)

The trees could be knocked down at a property on Birch Lane in Ascot.

According to the applicant, two of the trees had fallen against each other during recent high winders and had started to lift the wire mesh that separates neighbouring properties.

Another three trees to be removed in Binfield (20/00037/TR5)

These trees have already been removed because they were “virtually blown over” by recent storms.

Bracknell News:

Homeowners at Fairway Views called out tree surgeons to remove the trees as roots had come out of the ground.

Removal of a fallen branch in Warfield (20/00036/TR50)

Another storm victim — this time it’s just a branch set to be removed, though.

Bracknell News:

Homeowners at a property on Shakespeare Way in Warfield told council officers Storm Dennis was to blame.

As the tree is protected, however, BFC tree experts said the specimen itself was not allowed to be removed — only the branch.

Tree works in Binfield (20/00017/TRTPO)

Homeowners at a property on Monks Alley want to start work on twelve trees in total.

They hope to prune seven and chop down another five trees at their Binfield residence.

Some of the trees are protected by tree preservation orders.

More trees coming down in Sandhurst (20/00042/TR5)

Three trees could be chopped down at a property in Little Sandhurst.

The specimens in question are all lime trees, said to up to 25 metres tall and have a poor structure.

Stumps will be treated with herbicide to prevent growth.