NEW sketches have been revealed for Dinton Activity Centre after residents suggested previous designs would make the building look “hideous” and like a “concrete monstrosity”.

Public drop-in sessions were held to gain users’ thoughts on the drawings in November 2019, and plenty more voiced their opinions online, with one saying the designs made the centre “look like a factory.”

The News put together a piece rounding up residents’ responses here.

Wokingham Borough Council planning bosses have responded to this feedback by getting rid of the six red windcatchers planned for the top of the building and replacing them with three smaller grey ones.

Bracknell News: Bracknell News:

The centre’s exterior will feature Siberian larch cladding to help the structure blend in with natural surroundings, and new eco-friendly features are also planned for the building to help reduce the centre’s energy demand.

These changes provoked mixed responses from residents.

Bracknell News: Bracknell News:

One said: “The [new] design blends in better rather than looking like something from Legoland.

Another added: “I like the simplistic design as blends more into the surroundings than the previous design.

“I feel a rooftop garden or some planters would help brighten it up.”

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Despite these positive responses, another commented: “[It] looks like something my eight-year-old would make on Minecraft….”

One more resident added: “The new one needs something — it’s a bit bland, maybe some green and blues?”

Cllr Michael Firmager, WBC’s deputy leisure chief, said: “It’s exciting to see us move one-step closer to our new Dinton Activity Centre.

“This is an incredibly important investment which will benefit residents across the borough.

“We’ve listened carefully to people’s comments during our consultation and hope they will enjoy seeing their feedback reflected in our updated designs.

“It’s also encouraging to see so many green features added, which will support us on our journey to be carbon neutral.”

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Other changes include creating cycle parking spaces and adding dragonfly artwork on the east and west sides of the building.

Dinton Activity Centre is expected to cost £1.8 million and work could start in the summer.

The current centre will operate as normal before the new one opens, which WBC bosses hope will be by autumn 2020.