TODAY is the day that a beloved store is shutting its doors for good.

Sainsbury's in Princess Square, Bracknell will be officially closing today at 4pm after serving the community for 36 years.

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Staff members have been busy helping shoppers get around the store for the last time, as well as supporting customers who feel "distraught" over the closure.

The Bracknell News asked its readers for their opinions on the closure today, with opinions favouring a new store to fill the empty unit.

Michael Bass and Joanne Brotherwood both said they would like to see a Lidl replace the store, "would like to see a Lidl."

Another shopper who did not want to be named said: "Not sad as it's so old fashioned. Would like better quality food shop."

Despite this, customers said it is gutting that it will be closed as it is convenient for elderly residents.

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John Vinall, a Sainsbury's representative who will be present at the closure, said: "These type of projects are always difficult and we understand some of our regular customers will be understandably saddened by our decision to close.

"I visited the store yesterday (Monday) to check all processes are in place ahead of Wednesday; and although there are visible signs of stock run-down – I am confident we can, and will, offer a great range and choice of goods right up until close of trade."

It is still not known what is to replace the supermarket.