THE festive season is well and truly behind us now, and yet there’s much to look forward to in 2020.

I can honestly say that the mood here in Westminster is unlike anything I have witnessed in my 15 years as an MP.

Across the Conservative benches my colleagues and I are brimming with new ideas and buzzing with a renewed sense of optimism and excitement.

With 106 new Conservative MPs all united behind a steely determination to get things done for our country, I have no doubt that the next five years will be transformational.

Not since Margaret Thatcher have we had such a clear and decisive mandate from the British people, and from all corners of the country too.

In this exciting new environment, it could be all too easy for me to get carried away by these momentous circumstances and forget the core local issues which matter to constituents.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The election has focused my mind and reaffirmed my determination to deliver for Windsor and passionately represent our interests in Parliament.

During and since the campaign I’ve had time to really listen and focus upon the priorities which matter most to you. The three which stood out most to me were Heathrow expansion, flooding, and local businesses.

I firmly believe that people are fed up with the inaction and dithering on these issues. On Heathrow people are fed up of watching Heathrow bosses get away with their economically and environmentally disastrous project. Furthermore, we have been too slow to help our ailing high streets and support our local businesses over corporate interests. This is also true for our flood defences. We must do all we can get on with implementing the Lower Thames Flood Alleviation Scheme built to alleviate the risks of flooding across key parts of the constituency.

Throughout this Parliament I will be working hard on these issues to ensure that Bracknell’s voice is heard in Westminster and we can focus protecting and promoting our beautiful constituency.