THE notorious Broadmoor Hospital has been rumoured for the Victorian wings of the facility to be turned into a hotel.

The psychiatric hospital recently opened its new state of the art facilities in December, costing £250 million.

The new buildings can care for 210 men over the age of 18. Broadmoor houses patient who have mental health issues and personality disorders; some are criminally convicted, others awaiting court trials and some who just need the care for their illness.

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Broadmoor has housed some notorious British criminals in the past such as serial killers Ronald Kray, John Straffon and the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ Peter Sutcliffe.

It is the oldest of the three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England, dating back to it’s opening in 1863.

The iconic Victorian wards, that are more than 150 years old, have been discussed as an opportunity to create commercial and residential buildings according to NHS West London.

On the Bracknell News Facebook site, we asked if you would stay in the rumoured Victorian wing hotel. Here is what readers had to say about the rumours.

Commenting on Facebook, Lynn said: “Definitely, if I could stay in Ronnie Kray's room.”

Several people joined Lynn in the excitement and claimed they would “definitely” stay in a Broadmoor converted hotel.

But not everyone was so keen as a number of other people voiced that they would not like to stay.

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One commenter Reneta said: “No, it might have scary vibes.”

Another person said: “Would you really want to stay next door to some of the most evil people in the UK inside?”

Others suggested an alternative idea to occupy the now unused Victorian wards.

On Facebook, Mandy said: “I think rooms for the homeless population in the area would support and help them to move.”

Whereas another person suggested to 'open it as a museum'.

With the divided opinion from the people of Bracknell, the fate of the notorious hospital wings is yet to be confirmed.