AFTER THE DAMAGE caused by storm Ciara to both Reading and Bracknell, residents should prepare for storm Dennis over this weekend.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning across the country for strong winds and heavy rain over this weekend.

It previously warned of strong winds over the coming Saturday, however the Met Office have since updated warnings for the public to expect severe weather across both Saturday and Sunday.

Gusts are expected to reach speeds of up to 50mph and chances of precipitation are very high throughout the weekend.

To see the effects of storm Ciara on Reading and Bracknell, CLICK HERE:

The Met Office has also issued advice on how to prepare for this weekend's weather, saying: "Storm Dennis will bring spells of heavy rain at times over the weekend. Some flooding is possible along with disruption to travel.

"What you should expect is some homes and businesses may be flooded, causing damage to some buildings, and delays or cancellations to train and bus services are possible.

"You should also expect potentially difficult driving conditions, some road closures and some communities cut off by flooded roads. Power cuts and loss of other services to some homes and businesses is also possible."

The Met Office also referenced the concern for strong winds, adding: "There is a slight chance of some damage to buildings, such as tiles blown from roofs, and there is a slight chance that power cuts may occur, with the potential to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage."