A DISTRAUGHT family is hoping to bring their "happy go lucky" son home after he died during a motorcycle accident.

Jack Whitelaw, who was meant to be turning 21 next week, was staying on the island of Siargao in the Philippines with three other friends when he died during a motorcycle crash.

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His dad Paul said his son decided to rent a motorcycle and signed the paperwork to say he doesn't have a licence, which was all "totally illegal".

The rental company proceeded to let Jack pay and ride the bike, but unfortunately events took a turn for the worse.

Paul said: "Around midnight last Monday, he hit a retaining wall on a very dark, unlit road and went over the handlebars. He died instantly. "My thoughts right now is that anger has turned to rage but writing a daily blog on my Facebook page is helping me.

"The company is utter rubbish, they want me to pay for the motorcycle that he broke — well my my son has paid his life with a mistake so I am fighting for justice for Jack."

Jack originally grew up in Bracknell but later moved to Mallorca in Spain with his family.

He was working on a boat with his sister Molly, earning "mega money" which allowed him to travel around the world and enjoy his life.

Bracknell News:

His group of friends in Bracknell have also set up a go fund me campaign to raise £8,000 so they can fly to Spain for February 22 to pay their respects to Jack for his last party, where he would have turned 21.

They also plan to place a memorial plaque in Lily Hill Park in Jack's memory.

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His loving sister Molly has helped organise Jack's party, just how he would have wished.

Jack also used to play for Bracknell Rugby Football Club and the team paid their respects in a minutes silence, linking arms on the pitch in solidarity.

Mr Whitelaw, Jack's dad added: "Being a Parent, as many of you know, is the greatest single blessing that can be given us.

"Some people get it right, and some - sadly not.

"We would like to think we are good parents, and as loving as we could be.

"The effect he had on so many other people's lives means that he will be forever regarded as that free-spirited and mischievous young lad who will never grow up. Our very own Peter Pan... watching us from Neverland and sprinkling Pixie Dust on all of us when we need it."