HEIR hunters are trying to track down a family who are set to inherit 'tens of thousands of pounds'.

Beneficiary tracers at Green and Parish have left no stone unturned in their search to find the family of a woman with unclaimed assets, so they contacted the Bracknell News to widen their appeal.

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The company said it has uncovered 'substantial funds' held at the Chancery Division of the Supreme Court which belong to the late Mrs M C Leighton.

It is believed she passed away sometime in the 1970's or 80's and she has unclaimed assets which need to go to her family.

Green and Parish said this is within the sum of 'tens of thousands of pounds'.

Court records do not show her forename, only initials, but there is an address connected to a property in Winkfield Road, Bracknell.

The tracers said it has taken them more than six months to try and find a M C Leighton and have seen 10 women come up with that name on an electoral register, including one in Oxfordshire.

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However, the hunters have examined the electoral register for the Bracknell address and cannot see a sign of Mrs C Leighton being registered to vote there, so it could be an address used for correspondence.

The address may be traced to a close friend, family member or an accountant.

Martin Pike, case manager at Green and Parish, said: "Our working theory is that, after all these years, Mrs Leighton will have died and, therefore, these funds will be due to her estate but, without knowing the forenames, we are facing quite a task.

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"As a very ‘long shot’, I was simply hoping that the name ‘M C Leighton’ might be known to one of your older staff or readers and we might be able to establish the identity of this, unwitting, beneficiary.

"We would be most grateful for any information because we are making very little progress with this case."

Contact Green and Parish on their website or phone 020 8560 9199 if you have any information which can help.