HUNDREDS of neighbours are calling for 'better security' for 'vulnerable' retail staff after a series of thefts have been carried out.

A resident who lives in Jennett's Park set up a petition for security measures to be put in place at Co-op after hearing how 'unsafe' staff felt.

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She said: "There has been a number of thefts. In September they smashed the window to gain entry after closing, then another robbery during opening hours in January and another near closing time two days ago.

"On our residents Facebook group, someone said they spoke to staff and they felt shaken - I just thought I could get Co-ops attention with a petition because I worry about the safety of the staff primarily."

Co-op opened on the Jennett's Park estate over a year ago after residents waited for a food shop to open for 11 years.

Residents had been living in the flats and houses since it opened in 2007 and would have had to have walked out of Great Hollands to buy their groceries.

The resident added: "We were without a shop for ten years so it’s a vital amenity for many and we don’t want the risk of coop closing due to crime.

"I think they should take measures to better deter crime, what will it take for someone to be injured or worse before they provide additional measures than indoor CCTV."

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Bracknell Forest councillor for Great Hollands, Mary Temperton expressed her concerns for the staff and shoppers using Co-op.

She said: "Such thefts are very disturbing for the staff who are working and for shoppers using the store. I am sure the Co-op, of all companies, is aware of their need to protect both and will act appropriately.

"The Police will be working with the shop managers to advise on prevention and on catching the thieves."

Commenting only on their national approach to security, the Co-op said they have invested "£70 million" into improving safety and security across their stores.

A spokesperson for Co-op, said: "Safety and security is a number one priority. As a community-based organisation we see the impact of social issues in our stores, and the Co-op has invested over £70M - and has committed to match this over the next three years - in innovative technology to keep colleagues safe.

"Including the latest remote monitored CCTV; communication headset devices rolled-out to all front-line colleagues, covert tracking devices and targeted, intelligence-led, deployment of SmartWater Fog Cannons.”