BIN collection changes are coming to Bracknell Forest — but not everyone is happy about it.

The introduction of a weekly food waste collection from October means general waste collection (green bins) will now be every three weeks rather than every fortnight.

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Councillor Dorothy Hayes, Bracknell Forest Council’s (BFC) environment boss, said the introduction of food waste bins was a “win-win” as it means diverting almost 4,000 tonnes of rubbish away from landfill and cutting carbon emissions.

Bracknell News:

But more than 1,000 borough residents have signed a petition saying ‘no’ to green bin collections every three weeks.

The petition calls for BFC to carry out a public consultation about the changes approved earlier this week.

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Organisers are also demanding more information about how many bins were surveyed after a report indicated an average 240-litre green bin collection included:

  • 42 per cent was food waste
  • 39 per cent was non-recyclable waste
  • 19 per cent was recyclable waste

A statement on the petition’s site read: “This is yet another example of Bracknell [Forest] Council doing what they want rather than speaking to the residents.”

Bracknell News:

One person who signed the petition added: “We don't really have any food waste so our bin will be full at 2 weeks never alone 3 weeks.”

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Another wrote: “Food waste is a brilliant idea. Three weeks collection is an awful idea, please keep 2 weeks.“

One contributed: “Agree with food waste bins but not three weekly green bin collection.

"Families will not manage and it will increase trips to the dump using more fuel and adding to the carbon footprint.”

Bracknell Forest resident Liz wrote: “Food bins a great idea. But three weekly collection for green bins definitely not.

“Having nappies and sanitary wear in the green bins for three weeks YUCK.”

Bracknell News:

Changing green bin collection to every three weeks will save the council £219,000 in the next seven years.

If the general waste collection stayed at two weeks, the council would have to fork out an extra £2.3 million.

Each household will get a five-litre indoor caddy and a 23-litre caddy along with caddy liners before the first collection on Monday, October 5.

The petition can be viewed here.

Bracknell News:

Kevin Gibbs, a director at BFC, said: “The council understands that some members of the community are apprehensive about the changes and we will do our best to guide them through the changes over the coming months.

"Their concerns are similar to those raised in 2006 when alternate weekly bin collections were introduced - but this change was embraced fully by residents and saw recycling rates grow considerably.

"We will, of course, ensure that any petition submitted is given due consideration in line with the correct democratic process.”