A SHOPPER has had £1,500 stolen just 20 minutes after thieves snatched her purse in the latest scam across the area.

Thames Valley Police said thieves are targeting supermarket shoppers by distracting them as they load their shopping.

In Ascot, one resident was shopping at a large local supermarket on Thursday, January 23, when her purse was stolen about 4pm.

Police said by 4.20pm £1,500 had been taken from the shopper's bank account.

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A similar theft happened in Sunningdale the day before (January 22) when again a shopper was distracted by someone when loading their car, and replacing her trolley.

The force said money was removed from the victim's bank account 'almost immediately'.

It comes just days after officers warned residents of a phone scam reported in the area, of fraudsters impersonating police officers.

Reports have come in from both Ascot and Maidenhead regarding the bogus calls which attempt to make you pass over you bank details on the phone.

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Officers have urged residents to stay alert and be aware of these scams.