MCDONALD'S is a brand that almost everyone is familiar with. But which are the best and worse in Berkshire?

We took to TripAdvisor to read customer reviews and ratings of the fast food chain from across the county.

1. Northbrook Street, Newbury

Topping the list is Northbrook Street in Newbury with a 3.5/5 rating.

Out of the 32 reviews left on TripAdvisor, 11 people rated it as excellent with four people rating it terrible.

Almost all of the reviews for this McDonald’s were highly positive.

One reviewer said: “I cannot praise more highly the food and staff, hot tasty food, free dips, really top notch.”

Bracknell News:

Rating: 3.5/5

No. of reviews: 32

Excellent: 11

Terrible: 4

2. Slough High Street

The reviews for this restaurant in Slough show fast food fans tend to be highly satisfied with their visit.

One customer, on TripAdvisor, said: “It was very good, and arrived hot and very quickly, didn’t have to wait very long at all for meal.”

Another customer added: “Dropped in for quick happy meal, only had to wait a minute to be served and a few minutes for the order sat upstairs .. did notice a few chairs tables taped up so they might need work on them. The toilets were clean.”

Rating: 3/5

No. of reviews: 36

Excellent: 4


3. Forbury Retail Park

There were several noticeable mixed reviews with this McDonald's in Reading.

Somebody complained about the lack of items from the menu: “No ice creams or milkshakes again. They were pretty rude about it too. Kids were really annoyed. Had to drive across town to get another one.”

Whereas another customer spoke very highly of this particular restaurant and had no complaints about the ice cream: “They serve your food and they totally look after you. You can work here, chill here and just watch the world go by. All the staff are excellent and led by a superb manager. The menu is varied and in particular the ice cream is good. Highly recommend.”

Rating: 3/5

No. of reviews: 40

Excellent: 7

Terrible: 10

4. Maidenhead High Street

Maidenhead has a varied response with most of the reviews reflecting positively off of this chain.

One person said: “Very quick and friendly staff and very quick service despite being a busy bank holiday Monday.”

However, a customer disagreed saying “I can honestly say I’ll never go there again.”

Bracknell News:

Rating: 3/5

No. of reviews: 26

Excellent: 8

Terrible: 10

5. Chalfont Way, Reading

Some customers at this chain seemed to have problems with their food orders.

One person was explaining how they were in the restaurant when it was a quiet afternoon and added “It took 15 minutes for me to get two Big Macs.”

There seemed to be another account of a food mix up with somebody writing: “Sorry to say but went today and got the wrong food again- which typically happens when we use the drive through here.”

Rating: 3/5

No. of reviews: 21

Excellent: 1

Terrible: 6

6. Bracknell High Street

Despite it’s mediocre rating, this McDonald's was heavily criticised in the review section on Trip Advisor.

Somebody claimed that it was “an absolute joke of a restaurant” with another person adding: “Absolutely useless, they can never seem to get anything correct. I don’t expect much and even then it’s still a joke. And I won’t even start on the UBER EATS situation......”

Rating: 3/5

No. of reviews: 56

Excellent: 10

Terrible 17

7. Savacentre Bath Road

This Reading McDonald’s had two very opposing customer reviews.

One customer wrote: “Friendly, helpful, very little wait for food and very ,very clean! Although I take my husband in a wheelchair the staff are very kind and helpful and make sure we are ok and find us a table to suit! We have visited many McDonald's restaurants and such ,but always want to go back to this one !”

Another customer disagreed warning people to “never go to this Calcot McDonald's” due to rude staff.

Rating: 2.5/5

No. of reviews: 36

Excellent: 2

Terrible 12

8. Pinchington Lane

Customers experienced different issues at this McDonald's.

One reviewer complained about the Drive-Thru service “Each car in the drive through was told to park up when and had a member of staff bring food out to cars. There wasn’t any que at payment window or collection window so didn’t understand why they did this.”

Another complained about the quality of their food: “My food was cold and the chips were undercooked. I wont be visiting this store again.”

Bracknell News:

Review: 2.5/5

No. of reviews: 13

Excellent: 1

Terrible: 4

9. Friar Street

Many of the reviewers were unhappy with their services at this McDonald's.

One of the only positive things commented was the “great location in Reading. I got my coffee in no time.”

Another customer claimed the location was the exact problem, with it being near nightclubs: “Rude staff and security. The restaurant is full of drunks and homeless people. Very overcrowded and unfit for purpose.”

Rating: 2.5/5

No. of reviews: 38

Excellent: 1

Terrible: 12

10. The Keep Wildridings Road, Bracknell

This Bracknell McDonald's had very strongly worded reviews of disapproval. Here’s what people had to say:

“Possibly the worst McDonald's going. Impatient order staff, cold food, a milkshake machine that works once in a blue moon, flat drinks and absolutely useless management team. Obviously time for a change to ownership! Ronald would do a better job on his own.”

Another added: “Me and my partner had a McDonald's delivery everything was delivered and it tasted ok. But an hour later after eating my partner had stomach pains.... I think that the chicken wasn’t cooked properly. We both have agreed that we will not be ordering from McDonald's anymore which is a big shame as they can be good at times.”

Rating: 2.5/5

No. of reviews: 111

Excellent: 18

Terrible: 42

  • The restaurants listed above are those which have been submitted to, as such some branches may not be included due to not yet being reviewed on the site.
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