IT’S fair to say many of our readers weren’t happy with the news McDonald’s has been chopping down trees at its Wildridings restaurant.

Eight were felled and sixteen others were earmarked for branch work because tree experts were concerned “storm damage” to the birches, sycamores and willows could lead to a “serious incident” in the future.

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Bracknell Forest Council planning bosses gave Maccies managers the all-clear to go ahead with the chopping — but for each tree cut down, another must be re-planted.

Bracknell News:

Our story angered some diners, however.

One man, Vincent, commented: “Yeah, who needs trees anyway?

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“Their sacrifice will improve McDonald’s profits and make the already insanely busy road to Mill Pond even busier.”

Another, Adrian, said: “If trees gave off wifi signals instead of oxygen maybe more trees would be saved!!”

Bracknell News:

Pete added: “Am I the only one with a visual in my head with Ronald McDonald running around with a chain saw?”

Terry said: “I am opposed to McDonald’s chopping down healthy trees, we are supposed to be planting more trees not chopping them down.”

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Despite diners’ comment and concerns, Carl Jones, a landscape gardener, told the News he had been into the eatery as the trees were being chopped down.

He told the News: “I spoke to the people that were doing it.

“The trees are more than 75-years-old, and as they are willow trees they have got an infection so they are taking out those trees and planting a lot more.

“I even asked the gentleman doing it if I could have a slice of one of the trees and it is in the back of my van and you can see the brown dead centre where it is infected.

Bracknell News:

“The willow trees were rotten to the trunk.

“I know if a tree is weak or rotten it can cause more problems or even accidents in the future.”

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Andrew Hunter, a director at BFC, added: “A report concerning the removal of eight trees on the McDonalds site in Wildridings was submitted to Bracknell Forest Council in October last year for consideration, and was subsequently approved under Tree Preservation Order (TPO) regulations.

“The trees concerned are all subject to replanting conditions meaning they will be replaced.”