VULNERABLE residents and their carers are thankful for the new technology, making their lives easier, according to the council.

Bonnie, aged 26, of Wokingham, has profound global development delay, affecting her ability to learn, walk, talk, learn new skills or interact with others socially and emotionally.

She also suffers multiple seizures every day, so her mother and carer Beverley contacted the Technology Enabled Care team for help.

The team focus on providing the technology and support to improve those in need and their families' quality of life.

Beverley spoke to the council about how the new technology has impacted her and her daughter's life.

She said: "I wanted to find out if there was any equipment available that could help with Bonnie’s care, particularly helping to monitor her seizures, especially at night.

"I thought Bonnie may have been experiencing still seizures, where her heart rate was elevated but with no movement in her body.

"The signs for this type of seizure are very subtle and I would worry, especially at night, not knowing if she would need medical assistance."

She added: "We wanted to continue to have Bonnie at home with us, and to look after her, but I would be up for more than 24 hours worrying she would have a seizure while I was asleep.

"It was the only way I thought I could keep her safe but it was physically impossible to keep an eye on her day and night."

Wokingham Borough Council's TEC team provided the mother and daughter with a Pulseguard, a wristband that detects pre-seizure warning signs in raised heart rates and sends an alert to the carer's mobile phone.

Beverly added: "Before, I would stay up for 24 hours or more with Bonnie making sure she was alive, making sure she was breathing. Now I can sleep.

"I can also leave her with carers as I don’t have to rely on people recognising the subtle signs of her seizures.

"I’m so thankful for the support the TEC team gave us. I know it can be daunting but the technology is easy to operate and importantly, these new advances in technology can saves lives.

"It has saved Bonnie’s life."