SCAMMERS posing as police on the phone to convince people to hand over bank details have been reported in the area.

Residents have been warned by police about the bogus calls with someone reporting to be 'DC Morris from Hammersmith Police Station'.

The force has received reports around the Ascot and Maidenhead area of the calls which claim the officer has two men in custody for using the victim's bank card.

Police said it is a common script used by scammers nationwide and is an attempt to get victims to find their bank card while on the phone.

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The scam callers then instruct residents to put down the phone and dial back a number, which could be 999, in a bid to prove they are 'real'.

But the scammers in fact keep the line open on their end, so despite calling a new number it would still connect through to the original call.

Scammers also sometime play a dial tone on the line to trick victim's into thinking the line is clear.

The force urged people to disconnect their phones if this happens or to use a different phone to call your bank.

It is believed the scammers will then attempt to get the victim's card details, but police have warned never to do so.

Officers will also never ask you to withdraw money.

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Thames Valley Police has said calls of this nature are increasing and it is due to the success rate.

A warning from the force said: "Remember... scammers know how to panic you into making poor decisions.

"If your bank saw money going out of your account illegally, they would immediately put a stop on the account and make contact with you.

"In every case say thank you for the information and put the phone down. Find a number independently of the call - never use the number they give you - and phone the bank back by phoning a friend or relative first or using a different phone.