DEATH, taxes and… interesting or controversial planning applications in Bracknell Forest — the three certainties in life. 

So without further ado, here are five proposals sent to council chiefs in the past week which caught our eye. 

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All applications are pending consideration and can be viewed in full detail by entering the planning reference number at

New fence outside the Royal British Legion building (planning reference: 19/01059/3)

Bracknell News:

Last October, the News revealed plans to convert the former Royal British Legion building into a new shop. 

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It now looks like things are moving forward with this proposal - as town centre bosses seek permission to put a screening fence around the site. 

Bracknell News:

The Stanley Walk space has been closed since 2013 after “unsustainable losses” meant the charity could not keep its social club open.

A wash and fuel station in Bracknell (19/01119/FUL)

A bus wash, fuel station and new egress could be added to Bracknell Business Centre on Downmill Road.

Bracknell News:

Courtney Buses bosses want to add to the existing forecourt having moved their office-based operations and bus depot to a nearby site at The Maple Centre.

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The facility will have the capacity to wash and refuel approximately 35 buses per day at the site.

Bracknell News:

A new golf academy in Binfield (19/01098/FUL)

Blue Mountain Golf Club bosses want to add to their golf entertainment centre on land west of Wood Lane. 

Bracknell News:

The development of the Golf Academy will involve re-profiling and landscaping this part of the site. 

The site will mainly be covered in a new short game area fairway, with three clustered areas of new semi-rough, each surrounded by an out of play grassland/ wildflower area. 

Bracknell News:

Users of the Golf Academy will park in the main approved Golf Centre car park and be transported across the course via a golf buggy.

New home at a kennel in Binfield (20/00010/FUL)

Bracknell News:

Oakwood Park Kennels managers want to add a new mobile home at their Peacock Lane site. 

The current owners of the Kennels are retiring, according to a planning statement and live in the existing home at the site. 

A new home is proposed so the new managers can live here as the 150 dogs typically at the site need 24 hour care seven days a week. 

Changes at the Royal Military Academy (19/01048/LB)

Bracknell News:

The Model Room on the first floor of the Old College at the Sandhurst site is used as a lecture hall. 

It is a listed building and has building protections attached to it, meaning site bosses have to get planning authority permission before changes can be made. 

Bracknell News:

The projection room is set to be removed from the hall, meaning the lecture theatre could have 124 seats rather than the existing 94.