CITIZENS Advice is expecting January to be one of its busiest times for residents seeking support over debt concerns.

Analysis of national data over the past 12 months reveals that on a single day, January 29 2019, Citizens Advice offered help to 2,776 people.

That is 24 per cent above the daily average.

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Tina Stevenson, Chief Officer of Citizens Advice Bracknell & District, said: “There is a surge in demand for our debt advice towards the second half of January.”

“We know that dealing with debt can be hugely stressful and that Christmas is often an additional burden for anyone already in financial difficulty.”

Citizens Advice Bracknell and Districts is expecting 100 clients to seek advice over debt including council tax arrears, rent arrears and credit card debts.

In 2017 to 2018, the busiest day for debt advice fell on January 31, with 2,762 and 2,755 clients seeking help.

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Ms Stevenson added: "Citizens Advice can offer free and independent advice and support to help you deal with your debts and get back on your feet.”

Here are some top tips to get 2020 off to a good start:

1. Work out how much you owe - Make a list of whom you owe money to and add up how much you need to pay each month. If you don’t have your most recent statements, contact your creditor to find out what you owe.

2. Prioritise your debts - Your rent or mortgage, energy and council tax are called priority debts as there can be serious consequences if you don’t pay them. These should always be paid first.

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3.Work out how much you can pay - Create a budget by adding up your essential living costs, such as food and housing, and taking these away from your income. Any money you have spare can be put towards your debts.

4.Paying urgent debts - You might have to contact priority creditors quickly in urgent situations, like if you are about to be evicted. Tell them you're seeking debt advice so you can find a way forward. You could try to pay them something if you can afford to.

5.Paying non-urgent debts - If you have any money left after paying priority debts, consider getting a free debt-management plan. You’ll make one monthly payment to the plan provider, who will handle paying your creditors. Or contact your creditors and offer them what you can afford to pay.

6.If you can’t pay your debts - If you’ve got little or no money spare to pay your priority debts seek advice from Citizens Advice straight away.

Contact Citizens Advice Bracknell and District on 03444111306 for more information.