DINING out at a chain-restaurant would normally see me order a standard beef burger or steak ― but not this time.

As its Veganuary, I thought I would jump at the chance to try Bill's new vegan menu in Reading.

And it's fair to say I would opt for plant-based food over a carnivorous meal any day of the week.

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Bill's restaurant in Reading is an exciting and enjoyable experience from the food to the beautiful art work and furnishings.

We were warmly shown to our table which had a cute little candle and sofa seating, making me feel warm and exciting for the evening ahead.

First of all, my partner and I ordered our refreshing 'dry January' drinks which included a low alcohol gin and my orange, apple and ginger juice.

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Then we dived into our warm and soft Focaccia bread and Hummus, which tasted delicious and eager to try our main course.

My partner gave the Bill's Beetroot Steak a go and he loved it. He described the texture to be meaty and soft.

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I even pinched a fiery tiger chip to dip in the bernaise vegan mayo and it was really tasty and fresh.

Admittedly, the taste of the beetroot steak was quite strong which I think was to compensate for the 'beefy' taste, but if I wanted to cut down on my meat consumption I would be really happy with that meal.

Next, I went my the waitresses recommendation of the Carrot, Cashew Nut and Mushroom Wellington which came with butterbean mash, broccoli and gravy.

The wellington tasted delicious, it was really flavoursome and the pastry was buttery and crispy.

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The popularity of vegan food across Bill's has apparently increased 162 per cent from 2018 - 2019 in sales and their most popular vegan dish is the Vegan Carrot Wellington.

Yet, I would have preferred potato mash instead of butterbean mash as the texture was a little dry and the taste was earthy, but the gravy helped it become creamier so I wasn't too disappointed.

The vegan desserts, however, failed to disappoint as the sticky chocolate pudding sent me to heaven and back.

It was oozing with warm rich chocolate and the crumb and coconut icecream helped lighten the pudding.

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My eyes lit up when my boyfriends pudding was served as it looked like art on a plate.

He said the Frozen Amaretto Parfait was creamy, cool and went well with the crumb like biscuit texture.

Overall, I would highly recommend trying Bill's vegan menu if you're planning on dining out this month. It is quality food, made with fresh vegetables and will leave you feeling full and satisfied.