A DETERMINED woman from Wokingham has joined forces with knitters and crafters to help animals which have been injured in the Australian bush fires.

Bethany Calhoum felt "heartbroken" when she saw how many kangaroos, koalas and animals were hurt in the wild fires so she decided to do something about it.

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The professional dog walker set up a Facebook group for UK Crafters for Australia, an initiative for knitters to create Kangaroo joey pouches, bat swings and Koala mittens to be sent out 9,455 miles away.

She said: "I think it is heartbreaking what is happening out there, all those millions of poor animals and it is not their fault.

"Anger is not something which I feel can be felt at something which is a natural occurrence because nothing we can do can stop it from happening.

"But we can atleast help by doing what we are doing to help rehabilitate the animals who were sadly injured."

Bracknell News:

The 25-year-old has set up the group so knitters can help create items which rescue centres in Australia need.

Knitters can then visit a donation point in either Bracknell in Easthampstead Park and The Parks, Holme Grange Craft Village in Wokingham, Artisan Handmade UK in Reading and Pandora's Box Emporium in Newbury.

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Some crafters have also set up their homes to be a donation point, such as Southcote Lane in Reading.

UK Crafters for Australia Berkshire is helping The Animal Rescue Collective in Australia, which helps rescue groups all across Australia.

such as blankets, hanging pouches, bat wraps, bird nests, joey pouches and koala mittens.

Ms Calhoum explained how amazed she is by everyone's support.

Bracknell News:

She said: "We now have 400 members join the group, I am just amazed at how quickly the group has grown and how much people care about the suffering animals."

The UK crafters group in Berkshire has even had the support of British Airways, who have provided them with a huge amount of cargo allowance and have promised to allow an extra bag per traveller so they can take knitted goods with them.

Visit: facebook.com/groups/465422984393944/?ref=share if you would like to help knit items for the animals in Australia.