PARTY goers can experience raving again like in the 90s with a Ragamuffins Night Club reunion party.

The 'long awaited' night club reunion will be held on January 18 at the Coppid Beach Hotel in Bracknell to remember the social hub of Camberley which closed down in 1995.

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Ragamuffins former DJ Keith Connors will decided to bring back night club events to inject a bit of nostalgia and get everyone together who used to party in the 70s and 80s.

He said: "It is a chance to relive memories of partying to all your favourite tracks and meeting up with old mates, if you remember events such as the Disco Dance Awards, Toy Boy of the Year, Hunks in Trunks and Miss Camberley, then you most definitely will passed through Rags front door."

Former Raga ravers will get to dance to the DJ's classic tunes with Whitney Houston, Alexandra O'Neil and Michael Jackson.

The night hopes to bring back memories and perhaps bump into a friend or colleague.

Visit: to book your ticket.

Doors open at 9pm and close at 2.30am