THIEVES have been targetting cars and ransacking homes in Ascot.

A spate of burglaries in North and South Ascot has sparked fears in residents as valuable items such as Ipads and laptops are stolen from cars.

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Thieves ransacked a house in Vernon Drive on January 7 breaking into the side door of the house and stealing a designer Kate Spade handbag and an engagement ring.

On January 6, a theft was carried out in Heatherwood Hospital car park where a coin box was stolen.

A resident in Kinross Avenue had their car broken into for a second time but nothing was stolen.

Police reported that the victim was sure 'they locked their car'.

The following day in Cheapside Road on Tuesday at 6.30pm, thieves smashed the car rear windscreen and passenger window and stole an Apple Macbook Pro and iPad Pro.

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A house burglary was carried out in Vernon Drive on the same day, where thieves ransacked a home stealing a designer Kate Spade handbag and engagement ring.