THE TEENAGE son of two police officers who was spared jail after killing two pedestrians had his curfew lifted by a crown court judge because it interfered with him finding a job.

Max Coopey from The Burlings, Ascot was given bail by a judge at Reading Crown Court after he heard that the 18-year-old wanted to appeal against his 12 week custodial sentence and conviction for driving whilst disqualified.

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The 18-year-old was subject to reside at his home address, have an electronically monitored curfew between 8pm and 7am and was not permitted to sit in the front seat of any motor vehicle.

Coopey was found guilty of the offence which happened just weeks after he killed John Shackley and Jason Imi while high on cannabis.

He was never charged over their deaths but was given a temporary driving ban while awaiting trial for drug-driving on the evening of the double fatal tragedy.

The Ascot teenager walked free from jail after serving one week in November 2019 and returned to court on January 7 to argue that his bail conditions were too strict and that he needed his curfew lifted.

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Reading Crown Court has confirmed that the judge lifted his curfew time so that he can seek employment and get back to work.

Mr Shackley and Mr Imi were thrown over the top of Coopey's car and died on impact, despite this he got back behind the wheel of his police officer's mums Renault Clio on October 19 in 2018.

Judge Edward Burgess let Coopey walk free from prison despite hearing a catalogue of his previous convictions which he described as "not an attractive history for one so young."

The daughter of one of the people who died also claimed: “This is why this boy has no respect for the law, because he keeps getting let off constantly.

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“He keeps committing these crimes because he has been let off his whole life.

Mr Shackley’s daughter Danielle said: "His parents have brought him up to be the person that he is. He is spoilt, he has always got his own way and he is still getting his own way again, even above the law.“

The court will recommence in April to hear prosecutors argue that Coopey had driven driving will disqualified and without insurance, weeks after mowing down and killing John Shackley and Jason Imi after smoking drugs with a friend in Sunninghill.