PET owners have been busy snapping away their pooches and we've had a tough job of picking which canine should feature this week.

Every week, Bracknell, Ascot and Wokingham readers have been sending in their pictures of their pets for a chance to win our weekly pet competition.

From hilarious looking dogs to sleepy little puppies, here are our favourite four-legged friends which will melt your hearts.

Leo the Border Collie is a happy little chappy who loves to go on his long walks.

Dogs love to take a photo in all sorts of weird ways and George is one of them.

Next, we have Chelsea who looks rather bewildered and Jackson does not want to be disturbed from his afternoon nap.

Finally, Wispa is our final entry of the competition and loves to play in the garden.

If you're proud owner and would like your pet featured in the paper, send your pictures to