TACO BELL is now all set up and ready to go in Reading town centre, and people are looking forward to trying it out.

When the news that the restaurant fully prepared to open yesterday (November 13), residents began tagging their friends in The Chronicle's Facebook post, eager to arrange a time to eat at the popular restaurant.

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One said: "Must try on a lunch!"

Another tagged a friend saying: "Right up your alley."

Other positive responses included: "I know what I'm getting on the way home tonight"; "We are GOING when we get back after Christmas"; "Your prayers have been answered" and "It finally happened - there is a Taco Bell near me!"

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However, one said: "I will continue to support local, independent cafes and restaurants."

The eatery has opened near to the Metro Bank, on Broad Street.

From readers' responses, it seems clear that many people are eager to dine in Reading's first Taco Bell.