IN amongst all the action of the general election, developers, businesses and homeowners have been putting forward more building plans for the borough.

Here are five proposals which caught our eye this week.

You can see full details by searching the planning reference at

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New escape room in the town centre (planning reference: 19/00975/FUL)

Bracknell News:

Escape rooms have been rumoured for Easthampstead House since summer 2019 - and now they’re one step closer to reality.

Puzzological Escape Rooms hopes to open in February 2020 and the basement of the former council offices has already been kitted out - take a sneak peak here.

Bracknell News:

Activity bosses have now submitted their planning application to change the use of the site from offices to escape rooms.

New stables in Bracknell (19/00892/FUL)

Bosses at Oakfield Barn on Nine Mile Ride want to knock down a stables.

Bracknell News:

They hope to replace it with a new a stables, which would have two stories of storage and other facilties to go with it.

The site area is 0.09 hectares and Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) planning bosses are still considering the proposal.

An extension at a house on the road where Harry Potter was filmed (19/01020/FUL)

Bracknell News:

A bit of a tenuous link perhaps - but homeowners at a property on Picket Post Close in Martin’s Heron want to add an extension to their home.

A house on this road was used in 2001 as the family home of Petunia and Vernon Dudley - Harry Potter’s wicked aunt and uncle.

Bracknell News:

Homeowners want to add a single-storey rear and first-floor side extension with rooflights to their property.

New entrance barriers at health club (19/01003/FUL)

Bracknell News:

The Royal County of Berkshire Racquet and Health Club wants to add new entrance barriers at its Nine Mile Ride side.

Bosses are asking for planning permission because they say their car park has been used by non-members not wanting to pay for parking in the surrounding car parks.

Bracknell News:

This means, chief say, members have not been able to get access to parking spaces or use the club, which includes a gym, tennis courts, a spa and more.

Conversion of a garage in Bracknell (19/01065/FUL)

Bracknell News:

Homeowners want to convert their garage into new living space at a house on Swift Fields, Bracknell.

They also want to extend their driveway to fit two cars.

As with all the applications listed above, this plan is pending consideration.