A PAIR of naughty labradors were rushed to the vets after they scoffed down six mince pies and 20 chocolates.

Main culprit Oscar and two-year-old Charlie from Bracknell ate the festive treats while their owner was out of the house picking up her daughter from school.

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As chocolate can be fatal to dogs, the duo were rushed to Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Binfield and were made to be sick and given a mixture of activated charcoal to absorb the toxins.

This then followed by an IV drip for 48 hours.

Clare Meldrum, owner of the dogs, said: “I left to pick my daughter up from school and was horrified to find an empty foil packet of mince pies on my return.

“Although Oscar wasn’t showing any signs of being unwell, I wanted to be safe, so I called Moor Cottage to get him checked.

“While Oscar was in hospital, I didn’t expect to find out that Charlie was his partner-in-crime who ate all of our Waitrose Christmas chocolates too." Luckily for the dogs, they both were fine but they could have suffered kidney damage.

Ms Meldrum added: "We have learnt to be extra careful where we leave food but we’ll also be buying more secure containers with locks to make sure our sneaky dogs can’t find any treats they’re not meant to.

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"But just in case, we won’t be buying any more mince pies this year!"

The vets have warned owners to be wary of treats lying around the house that dogs can get their paws into.

Claire Meesters, practice manager at Moor Cottage, said: “The festive period can present a minefield of potential issues for pets as homes are filled with decorations and tempting food and drink.

“A lot of popular Christmas food can cause kidney failure in dogs, including grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas. "Other potentially toxic foods include chocolate and Macadamia nuts.”