A MAN managed to scare off four burglars out of his neighbours house after he saw them in the upstairs bedroom.

The neighbour witnessed the burglary happen in Whynstones Road, Ascot at 5.30pm on December 5 when he heard an alarm sounding from the house.

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He recalls seeing four men in master bedroom of his neighbours house and immediately called the police.

The burglars stole jewellery and were scared off when they heard the doorbell ring and knocking at the door.

A window was forced open and the burglars climbed into the master bedroom, according to the police report.

Police have reported another burglary which took place later that day which "may be connected."

A man returned to his home in Gainsborough Drive in Ascot at 6pm and noticed a light on at his neighbours next door.

He drove into his garage and heard 3-4 men running out of the house and shouted at him, closing his garage door so he couldn't see how they made off.

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On the previous day (December 5) in Armitage Court, Sunninghill burglars attempted to break into a shed by smashing the window.

The outer pane in the double glazed window was broken but nothing was stolen from the shed.

Police have not said this incident is connected to the above burglaries.