WE'VE rounded up some of this week's most read stories, just in case you may have missed them.

1. Bracknell Onyo Jenga sculpture at train station cost £30,000

Bracknell News:

One of the most popular stories of the week was the revelation about the cost of the 'Jenga' sculpture in Bracknell.

an investigation by the Bracknell News found it cost the council thousands of pounds to install in November 2018.

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2. Broadmoor Hospital siren blasted out to residents this morning

Bracknell News:

Nearby residents had a suprise awakening this week when the sirens sounded at Broadmoor Hospital.

It went off from about 7am to 7.35am and was later confirmed as a 'false alarm' by police.

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3. Wargrave Fire Station given six-month lifeline

Bracknell News:

The fire station in Wargrave, Berkshire's oldest and smallest, was given another reprieve as officers gave six months for it to hit targets.

It has been earmarked for closure for two years and firefighters and residents are determined it stays open.

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4. Swan Support's tribute to Prince the swan - 'Master' of North Lake

Bracknell News:

A sad story this week concerned a heartfelt tribute for 'master of the lake' Prince the swan.

Reportedly known by all the residents, Prince was a common sight at North Lake in Bracknell but sadly passed away from lead poisoning.

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5. 'Safeguarding nightmare': Schools close to make way for polling stations

Bracknell News:

The general election has forced two schools to close for voting day to avoid what is described as a 'safeguarding nightmare'.

Wildridings Primary School and Wooden Hill Primary School will shut on Thursday, December 12 after both were sites were chosen as polling stations for future elections in October.

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