DETAILS of the decommissioning of Broadmoor Hospital's sirens has been released by police following a false alarm, yesterday (December 5).

The siren blasted out its 'all clear' signal in the Crowthorne area yesterday at 7am until 7.35am but police assured residents it was a "false alarm".

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Broadmoor Hospital has since released the following statement.

They said: “We would like to reassure residents in Crowthorne and surrounding areas that there is no cause for concern after a siren sounded at Broadmoor Hospital this morning (Thursday 5 December).

"The old siren system at Broadmoor Hospital was accidentally activated which caused the siren to sound at 7am. The system was manually deactivated at 7.35am.

"Thames Valley Police were immediately notified and the false alarm was cascaded via their Twitter account.

"We apologise for any disruption this may have caused local residents.”

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Thames Valley Police (TVP) explained the 13 sirens in and around the area of the hospital have been in the process of being decommissioned over the last couple of years.

The force added details of its work, with the hospital, to modernise the alert process.

It said: "Over the last few months, Thames Valley Police has been working with Broadmoor Hospital to encourage sign-ups to the Thames Valley Alerts system within the siren areas."

The statement continued to explain that the police alerts would not be a replacement for sirens, but if a patient escaped or any other emergency the alert system can notify residents immediately.

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Police said: "Today (December 5), due to it being a false alarm this process was not instigated, however we recognise the concern that this must have caused to the local communities and together with Broadmoor Hospital, we will be looking at how we can improve our communications in the future."

The alert system will also not replace the current schools cascade system.

The public is urged to share this information with friends and family who may not yet be signed up to the alerts.