CONTROVERSIAL designs for a huge new care home in Warfield have been thrown out by planning bosses.

Almost two dozen neighbours objected to plans to build a 45-room care home on land next to Newell Hall on Warfield Street.

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Proposals for the facility were outlined in July after Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) chiefs refused a previous design for a 72-room care home by the same developers.

Bracknell News:

Planning chiefs said no to the original proposal because the site would cause harm to the countryside, would be an overdevelopment of the area, would mean losing 19 trees and more.

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In light of this, developers made efforts to reduce the height of the care home down from 13 metres high to 7.5 metres high.

More than 1,000 metres square was taken away from the first design, and the building was remodelled to sit centrally within the site.

Bracknell News:

Architects said this would mean the impact on neighbours would be reduced, writing in a planning statement: “This outline application provides considerably less development both in footprint and massing.

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“This has resulted in a more balanced proposal, that provides an increased level of amenity space.

“This will reduce the impact of the proposal on the surrounding neighbourhood.”

Bracknell News:

Despite agreeing the new plans would not be an overdevelopment of the site, BFC experts said the care home would still harm the countryside, would mean too many trees are lost and would result in damage to a nearby site with three protected buildings including Newell Hall.

Warfield Parish Council had opposed the plans too, commenting: “The development would adversely affect the character, appearance and function of the land.

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“The proposed development would result in the loss odd a landscape buffer between residential areas and would have an urbanising impact to the detriment of the character and appearance of the area.”

The decision to refuse the new application was made by BFC on Thursday, November 28.