SINCE its creation in 1997, the Bracknell constituency has elected just two different members of parliaments.

But residents will get a new MP next week after incumbent Dr Phillip Lee stepped down to stand in Wokingham for the Liberal Democrats having quit the Conservative Party in September.

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Here’s what happened in the previous six polls in Bracknell.


Bracknell bucked the national trend to return a Conservative MP despite huge gains for Tony Blair’s Labour Party.

Bracknell News:

Andrew MacKay secured more than 27,000 votes, shrugging off Labour’s Anne Snelgrove who took home 17,500 votes on a 74.5 per cent turnout.

Four other candidates stood in this election in Bracknell, including Dominica Roberts from the ProLife Alliance group (although she only gained 276 votes).

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The Tories and Andrew MacKay held their seat despite securing 5,000 fewer votes.

Labour’s Janet Keane closed the gap to the incumbent, winning 16,000 votes, but this was also lower than last time.

10,000 fewer people came out to vote at this election on a 60.7 per cent turnout - a downturn which matched the national trend.

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Andrew MacKay’s vote count went back up four years later, as he won with more than 25,000 votes.

Bracknell News:

Janet Keane stood again for Labour, but her vote crumbled as she took home almost 3,000 fewer votes and the Liberal Democrats gained.

Turnout out for this vote went up by three percentage points, as 51,000 filled in their ballots.

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Dr Phillip Lee took over the reins from Andrew MacKay in 2010 after the latter stood down due to his involvement in the expenses scandal.

The new Tory candidate won the vote with 27,000 votes, increasing the Conservatives majority to 15,000.

Bracknell News:

Liberal Democrats’ Raymond Earwicker won 11,000 votes, securing second place ahead of five other candidates including the British National Party’s Mark Burke and Dan Haycock of the Scrap Members Allowances group (60 votes).

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The Conservatives’ majority increased further in 2015 as David Cameron’s Tories won a majority in parliament.

Dr Lee won 29,000 votes - 20,000 more than second-placed Labour, which only narrowly pipped UKIP to second place.

Bracknell News:

A 65.3 per cent turnout was a decrease from the 67.8 per cent who went to polling stations in 2010.

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Dr Phillip Lee’s vote increased again two years later as he won more than 32,000 votes.

Despite the increase in the Tory vote, their majority shrunk from 20,000 to 16,000 as Labour picked up 8,000 more votes than in 2015.

Turnout increased in Bracknell, as 55,000 voted - up from 53,000 in 2015.


Who will win this year?

Five candidates are standing this time around, with a few familiar faces on the ballot despite former MP Phillip Lee standing down.

You can read all about the views of Olivio Barreto, Kaweh Beheshtizadeh, Paul Bidwell, Derek Florey and James Sunderland.

Polling stations are open from 7 am to 10 pm on Thursday, December 12.