BREXIT is the issue Bracknell News readers care most about this general election, according to our recent poll.

The issue of how the UK goes ahead with its exit from the European Union has been the biggest topic of debate between party leaders in the last five weeks.

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Bracknell Forest voted to leave in the 2016 EU referendum so the News asked each candidate standing for general election for their views on Brexit and what should come next.

Olivio Barreto - independent

“By voting for me you will be asking me to leave the European Union regardless of whether we get a deal or not on 31st January 2020.

“I will vote to Leave on 31 January 2020 with or without a deal.

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“I will carry out these wishes regardless of my opinions. I will then would then focus on negotiating a future deal with the EU.”

Kaweh Beheshtizadeh - Liberal Democrats

Bracknell News:

“Three and a half years after the referendum, we know more. There is no doubt about that. I will never say people didn’t know what they voted for. I find that a bit insulting to the leave voters, I think they knew what they were voting for.

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“People change their minds. We have seen that over and over. These are issues that sadly the next general election is going to be mainly about Brexit and people of Bracknell will have that option whether they want to stay in the EU or not.

“In Bracknell, we have got two choices. I stand for remain. Labour party candidate and Conservative party candidate are advocating and campaigning for leaving the EU.”

Paul Bidwell - Labour

Bracknell News:

“I think we should negotiate a new deal.

“I think people are sick and tired of the Brexit negotiations, so we have to negotiate our way out of Brexit and respect not just the national result in 2016, but Bracknell itself voted to Leave.

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“I personally am a remainer, it’s no secret that I was a European champion for CLP before the referendum, I think it’s a shame we are thinking about moving on and that’s why it’s vital we negotiate a really good deal that safeguards jobs, safeguards certain freedoms of movement and safeguards medicines, security and all the other things that seem to have been forgotten by the Tories.”

Derek Florey - The Green Party

Bracknell News:

“I stand by The Green Party’s views on Brexit. I want a People’s Vote to decide on the future of our country and that is what I will campaign for. In the event of a People’s Vote I would campaign to remain.

“But whatever the decision decided nationally, I would stand by it and work in either direction to ensure the best possible outcome for Bracknell.

“It’s a horrible position to have to say to someone when they’ve taken a democratic vote to ask them to go back again.

“I don’t believe personally that the vote was fully democratic. There was misinformation and lies and not enough information out there for people to make an informed decision in my opinion.”

James Sunderland - Conservative Party

Bracknell News:

“I happen to think also that the way forward is with a deal. I think Boris’s deal is the best of both worlds, I think it suits the remainer fraternity because it retains the best bits of what membership has meant for us, trade deals, tariff-free trade, to be part of Europe but not governed by Europe, so I think the deal is great.

“But it also offers those who wanted to leave what they wanted. Immigration control, get our borders back, courts of law. We’ve had a great record over many centuries of being a world power and world leader and this lack of confidence I have detected with the remainer fraternity is quite staggering.

“We can run ourselves very happily. We are a great nation with the fifth largest economy in the world. This nonsense that we can’t go it alone I find absolutely staggering.”