The following cases were heard at Reading and Slough Magistrates’ Court:

October 14:

KELSEY MIDDLETON, 22, of Willow Drive, Bracknell, admitted breaching her community order by failing to attend a planned office visit on August 28 and for breaking curfew on July 29, July 30, July 31, and August 1, totalling a time violation of 17.36 hours. Given a community order requiring curfew with electronic monitoring for 142 days, timings set as 8.30am to 8.00pm daily.

STEVEN PROUT, 39, of Emmbrook Vale, Wokingham, admitted failing to attend numerous supervision requirements on March 5, March 21, April 1, and April 15, imposed after being released from prison. Fined £400 and ordered to pay court costs of £75.

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NEIL MANNING, 36, of Crest Close, Twyford, admitted criminal damage to two windows belonging to The Chequers pub in Woodley on October 17, 2018.Given a community order including rehabilitation requirements. Also ordered to pay £250 compensation, and £85 surcharge. Must also pay £310 in court costs. Also banned from The Chequers pub for 18 months.

DIANA GENNACE, 28, of Budges Road, Wokingham, admitted criminal damage to a red Mini Cooper worth £1,102.69. Ordered to pay £300 compensation.

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October 16:

TRISTAN GOOCH, 36, of Ashridge Road, Wokingham, admitted failing to comply with requirements of a community order, including attending rehabilitation meetings on February 11 and February 14. Also failed to surrender to custody on September 23 having being released on bail. Also convicted of the two original charges for which the community order was made, namely drug-driving in Ringmead, Bracknell, on March 7, 2018. Found to have cocaine in his blood for both charges. Also convicted for drug-driving on the same occasion having been found with Ecstasy in his blood. Community order revoked, and sentenced to prison for a total of 12 weeks due to previous record. Also ordered to pay £122 victim surcharge.

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October 17:

JOHN CHAPMAN, 38, of Norreys Avenue, Wokingham, admitted failing to attend supervision appointments on July 7, July 19 and August 21,after being released from prison. Sentenced to 14 days in prison, due to 'a flagrant disregard for court orders'. Also ordered to pay £115 victim surcharge.

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