FLUFFY pooches, furry felines or adorable looking pets keep on melting our hearts as residents proudly send in their best photos each week for a chance to be featured in the paper.

Pet parents in Bracknell have been sharing pictures of their canines in a bid to get their faces in the paper and we have chosen the best dogs of the week.

Three cheers to Narla's funny face as she stares sadly into a pint of beer. Beer isn't for dogs we're afraid...

Hugo is a cheeky chappy as he has fun messing around and causing havoc.

Next, we have beautiful Bruno the Labrador proudly showing off his blue bandana.

Frank is another playful pup that needs some recognition on our pet of the week competition.

Finally, we have adorable little Ellie who is bound to make your hearts melt.

Last week, readers sent in their pictures of their cats and you chose Ozzie as your favourite.

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