A SWAN described as the 'master' of North Lake in Bracknell has had tributes flood in from a bird rescue after he 'sadly' died from lead poisoning.

The Swan Support charity made a tribute to Prince after knowing him for 15 years through rescuing him a 'number of times' from fishing tackle.

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Wendy Hermon, operations director at Swan Support, released a statement on the charity's facebook page about Prince.

The tribute said: "Prince was such a bird. He was master of North Lake in Bracknell, known and loved by all the residents.

"We have known him for over 15 years and have lost count of the number of times we have had to rescue him due to one injury or another.

"He will always have a special place in our hearts - a character who reminded us that our relationship with and responsibility for our animals is a vital aspect of our lives. Rest in Peace Prince.

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Prince the Swan swam along North Lake in South Hill Park and had three mates, one of which he recently had cygnets with.

Bracknell News:

Over that time, he has grieved over his swan partners deaths after one swan died from lead poisoning and the second swan was killed by a dog.

However, the charity received a call to say Prince was not eating and was hiding in the reeds.

One of the charity volunteers Steve canoed over to Prince to steer him into the shore where Jo hooked him and got him treatment for lead poisoning.

Despite their efforts, Prince died last month but will be remembered in everyone's 'hearts.'

Supporters of the charity responded to the tribute with heartfelt messages about Prince.

Lisa Jones said: "This is so so sad, RIP little one, you will be missed. Thank you everyone for all that you did in trying to help him."

Another persons said lead weights should be banned to prevent swans from dying from lead poisoning, "That’s is so sad and so tragic dying of lead poisoning, it’s a shame the fishermen can’t use anything else for weights... So tragic."

The charity Swan Support carries out vital rescue work by rescuing swans and cygnets in the Thames Valley and surrounding areas.

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More than 1,000 birds are rescued a year with 1,500 swans rescued by the organisation in 2018.

In October, the charity called for fishermen to be more responsible after two swans had to be helped due to being tangled up in fishing lines.