Kaweh Beheshtizadeh is the Liberal Democrats candidate for Bracknell.

He is an award-winning human rights lawyer who came to the UK in 2004 aged 23 as a refugee.

What are the top three issues affecting Bracknell residents?

"Brexit is one of the most decisive issues in the country and it is important to everyone whether they voted to remain or leave.

"The second one is the importance of the NHS. I have been told there are shortages of GPs in Bracknell and that is something that as an MP I will certainly address.

"The third one I think is the environment. It is a big issue for everyone, not only for the people of Bracknell, for the UK, but for everyone in the world. We have got one planet and we need to protect it. They are not specifically local but they are highly relevant to every individual living in any constituency."

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What is your vision for Bracknell?

"Working together is the most important thing we can do. I started getting into politics in the UK after seeing that politicians are not behaving in a way that they should. We are facing certain crises - Brexit, environment, education, NHS, rates of crime in the UK.

"These are important issues that need to be addressed in a very calm and right way. It is quite important to listen in politics. I have learned so much in the last few weeks of my campaign by just having simple, basic conversation with people.

"I have spoken to some people who their main concerns were not being able to book an appointment with their GP. Some of them were really concerned about rates of crime, education and the future of their children, a lack of policing.

"The main point and issue I hear over and over is on Brexit. It has affected everyone’s life. It is a divisive issue and it hasn’t helped the country to move forward or invest in education, NHS or the environment. If we could have a hung parliament in the next general election, with the voice of every party and not just the two main parties, we could have a government unity led by a figure who is not divisive like Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn.

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"I have been advocating for another referendum on whether we should leave with the deal Boris Johnson secured and the deal Theresa May secured, and the option of remaining in the UK. That could be something to bring the country together.

"If people decide to leave, they have every right to vote for leave. I will never vote for it, I think we are much better off if we stay in the European Union. I am standing on a platform of remaining in the EU and I will campaign tirelessly for remaining in the EU if there is another referendum.

"That is the way to heal the division. If they decide to leave the deal, then we need to follow that. It is as simple as that."

"The issue is very simple and straightforward for the people of Bracknell. If they want to be part of this union, if they want to send a message of hope, unity, togetherness, if they want to be part of a successful union then they should vote for me. If they want to leave the EU then they have a choice between Labour and Conservative in Bracknell.

Which Lib Dem policy would be beneficial for Bracknell residents?

"From my canvassing and speaking to so many people in the area and hearing their concerns about the NHS, I think our policy, which is raising income tax from 20p to 21p would generate £7 billion directly into our NHS and social care. I think that is the most relevant issue for the people of Bracknell. I sincerely hope that we will be able to fund our NHS focally, I sincerely hope that people from different areas of Bracknell will not have to travel to Bracknell to see a GP simply because the NHS cannot recruit GPs."

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What is your connection to Bracknell?

"I live in London and when the opportunity came up I thought this was a place where I could give it a go. The Lib Dem local party has been so welcoming to me. They have been so supportive and helpful. It took me less than a minute to decide to give it a go and become a candidate for Bracknell. In terms of living in the constituency I don’t, I live in Wimbledon. But if I am elected as an MP I will move to Bracknell within 8-10 weeks. I do believe strongly that the MP should be local and live in the area. Living in the are makes you understand the issues and will make you understand how you can do your best for the constituency.

What makes a good MP?

"There are many things that you can do to be a good MP. One of them is being a people’s person, to be there when they need you. To be able to communicate with you, to make them feel they can contact you, they can call you, they can ask you for help. I think I am that person. As a human rights lawyer, I deal with people from different backgrounds, with different levels of education, with different problems on a daily basis. I can certainly use that skill and make sure people can approach me.

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"As a human rights lawyer, I want to use my skills by helping people of Bracknell by having surgeries on a weekly basis for them and advise them as an MP and a lawyer. I would like to volunteer for Citizens Advice Bureau in Bracknell and listen to the people, listen to their problems try to do my best for them as their MP. One has to understand MPs do not have that much power, they can do a significant amount of work, no doubt about that. I have no doubt because of my background and the difficulties I have experienced, let’s remember that I came to the UK as an asylum seeker, I was living on £30 a week, I was living in a share house, I was a student, I worked as a cleaner, as a night hotel receptionist, as an interpreter, as a paralegal, I struggled on many occasions to rent a proper room. I have experienced injustice and unfairness and I really do not want what I have experienced to happen to anyone and if I come across any unfairness or injustice in Bracknell I will fight tirelessly to get the wrong right."