This week's in my view comes from.... Mary Temperton, Labour councillor at Bracknell Forest Council

Bracknell Forest Council is involved in a ward boundary review and during the preliminary discussions, it has become obvious, that the whole borough is divided into very unique and highly valued communities, each with a different identity.

At the heart of almost all communities is a Community Centre, run voluntarily by local residents for local residents. These are non-profit making with all monies raised being returned to benefit the community. Each centre is run by a Management Committee elected by the local residents at the AGM

The activities in these Centres are very varied and provide for every age range and interest.

Classes in Tai Chi, keep fit, and chair Yoga have been recently introduced to help prevent falls and improve the physical well- being of our residents. Some centres organise Youth Clubs, Mother and Toddler groups, afternoon art classes, Wood Turning, friendship groups, dance classes, slimming groups… and so much more.

There is now a page on the Bracknell Forest web site where all activities provided across Bracknell Forest in the community centres, libraries and other buildings are listed. You can just put in your interest or hobby and it will show you on the community map where this is organised in the borough.

Loneliness and isolation are killers, and helping residents find somewhere they would like to go, to meet people and are welcomed, is essential. Transport to get there may be an issue, but help can be provided by some of the groups. Residents can call 01344 352000 or visit the ‘social prescription page’ on the web site to request a call back and help from one of the friendly ‘social prescribers’.

I have lived in the community of Great Hollands for over 40 years and am proud to be one of its Councillors and to be the Chairperson of the committee that runs our Community Centre. Here, as elsewhere, we are dependent on our community to tell us what they want provided, to ensure all can access the activities, to be aware of neighbours who may not be leaving home, to ensure we provide for all ages.

Like all good communities, our residents, look out for each other and report in when there are concerns and issues. The Community Centres need you to support them and get involved so all needs can be met, and our communities can be even better.