IT'S been a long standing tradition for people to rush out of bed on the morning of Boxing Day to grab a bargain in the sales.

However, that also means people have to get up early out of their warm cosy bed (less enthusiastically) to keep the shops open and work on - what is for retail - the busiest day of the year.

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Leader of Bracknell Forest Council, Paul Bettison made it clear on his position that he wanted residents to reflect on those who are working around Christmas.

So, we simply asked locals the question: 'should people have to work on boxing day?' and the responses support shops shutting and staff to spend time with their families.

Many people in Bracknell think like the rest of the UK that shops should be shut so staff can spend time with their families.

So much so a petition on has reached more than 100,000 signatures calling for shops to stop opening on Boxing Day to let people have time off.

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Home Bargains was praised for closing on Boxing Day to give staff time with families as they posted on social media to say: “To all our staff: Thank you for all your hard work once again this year.

"All our stores will be closed on Boxing Day to ensure you are able to spend time with your friends and family.”

Jill said: "Close them, if people can't be organised enough for one extra day that's their fault, shop workers deserve an extra day off."

Another person said: "Shops only open because the general public go shopping. The only way to encourage shops not to open is for everyone to stay home and not shop."

However, opinions are divided as many believe this should then apply to other sectors, like paramedics who have to work on Christmas day or police and firecrews.

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One person said: "Other people who work in different sectors would LOVE Christmas time off but it’s tough! It is what it is now, no shops used to open on a Sunday and now they do."