A BEREAVED sister is aiming to raise awareness of mental health and gender identity after her teenage brother was tragically found hanged in a park in Sandhurst.

Leah Haswell spoke to the News about her "beautiful boy" Cameron Haswell after his inquest was concluded at Hampshire Coroner's Court.

The sister said the coroner ruled a conclusion of suicide at the hearing on Tuesday, November 19.

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During the hearing, the family from Blackwater discovered the 18-year-old boy was wearing a woman's playsuit when he was found dead.

His sister Leah said "Cameron had to end his life in order to send a message [about his gender identity].

"Sadly, he didn't feel comfortable enough to tell anyone".

Miss Haswell added: "I think he was very confused. A lot of girls and boys need to know it is not something to be ashamed of and it shouldn't be a secret.

"It is okay to be confused and say how we are feeling. I do not want families to deal with something like we have and I do not want a child to end up like Cameron did."

The sister explains there was an initial shock when they found out that Cameron may have been confused about gender identity.

She added: "We are all a very close and accepting family but there was an initial shock and it was difficult for my mum to get her head around it.

"This does not define who he is as a person though."

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The death of Cameron Haswell deeply shocked and saddened the family after a frantic search was carried out on August 10, the night he disappeared from Sandhurst Memorial Park.

The teenager was found by Hampshire Police the following morning.

A 'beautiful' funeral was held at Easthampstead Park Crematorium in Bracknell with friends and family wearing yellow t-shirts with his favourite drawing on to remember him by.

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Leah also set up a fundraiser in his memory and raised £7,000 in donations towards the funeral costs.

His sister explained Cameron's favourite song is 'Sunflower' by Post Malone, so everyone wore yellow to signify that.

If you need support or know someone that does, contact the Samaritans from any phone line on 116 123 or email: jo@samaritans.org or visit a local samaritans branch for face-to-face advice.