FLUFFY pooches, furry felines or adorable looking pets keep on melting our hearts as residents proudly send in their best photos each week for a chance to be featured in the paper.

Pet parents in Bracknell have been sharing pictures of their canines in a bid to get their faces in the paper and we have chosen the best dogs of the week.

Ozzie the spaniel is melting our hearts this week with his big puppy dog eyes, he could be a real winner this week.

Next, we have Pepper the pug who looks a bit mucky after playing in the garden.

Roxy is adorable with her fluffy fur and cute little button nose.

Skipper loves to lounge around on a bed fit for a king - we are not jealous at all.

Finally, we have Suki who is the cutest and most cuddly pup.

Last week, readers sent in their pictures of their cats and you chose Benson as your favourite.

If you're a proud owner and would love your pet featured, email isabella.perrin@newsquest.co.uk with a picture, name and age.