A STARK warning has been given to dog owners after a puppy died from ingesting poisonous mushrooms.

Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Binfield is urging pet owners to be aware of funnel mushrooms when walking their dogs as they can be fatal.

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The funnel mushrooms were ingested by the puppy at popular walking destination Virginia Waters and within half-an-hour, the puppy became unwell, with signs of sweating, frothing and sickness.

Claire Meesters, practice manager, said: "This type of mushroom, also known as ‘fool’s funnel’, is extremely toxic to dogs, especially small dogs.

“They usually appear in parks, gardens and by the road, so it’s almost impossible to avoid them. "These white mushrooms usually sprout in groups and can be hard to spot as they only grow up to 6cm."

Owners should lookout for signs of excess saliva, sweating, sickness, diarrhoea and frothing if their dog has eaten a Funnell mushroom.

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The vets have said that the surgery hasn't seen a case of mushroom poisoning yet by they are urging pet owners to be aware that it can be fatal.

Claire added: "Thankfully, we haven’t seen a case of mushroom poisoning yet but we hope by warning pet owners to of the dangers, we won’t have to treat any.

“If your dog has eaten any poisonous mushrooms, it is vital you call a vet immediately, as the first 30 minutes is important for a pet’s recovery.”

Visit: www.bracknellvets.co.uk or search for Moor Cottage on Facebook for more information.