IT has been a fair few couple of days since it was announced that Sainsbury's will be closing down- so we wanted to find out your thoughts.

Thousands of readers reacted sadly and said the store in Princess Square has been serving for 35 years so they are sad to see it go.

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One of the main reasons was that the supermarket is in a "convenient" location for elderly residents and is easier for them to do their shopping there than Waitrose in The Lexicon.

Karen said: "Such a shame. I moved to Bracknell in 1986 so it is always been there and more often that not when I am in town I do go there. I do feel for the older generation who get the bus into town. The staff are always very friendly and it is sad that they are losing the store and jobs."

People also felt sad for the staff who will lose their jobs including one resident who recalls working there at the age of 14.

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Lorraine Booth said: "I worked there when i was 14 along with all my mates. That supermarket kept us off the streets most of the time."

Natasha Garcsewska added: "This is so sad. My mum worked there for many years before she passed and I worked there. Such a lot of memories. A real shame for Bracknell."

Other residents weren't so "surprised" with its closure due to the fact that the store may be 'outdated' for the regeneration works taking place in Princess Square.

Michael William said: "In this modern day, is a town centre supermarket still viable. Personally every time I walked in there it was a ghost town. You could sprint down the isles if you liked."

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Last month, it was announced that Lidl are looking to open stores in Bracknell so perhaps it may replace Sainsbury's.

One person commented: "Lidl want to come to Bracknell, maybe they will move in."