BUILDING 4,000 new homes in Warfield would mean an “irreversible loss” of green space, say concerned campaigners.

In September, planning bosses announced proposals to add the homes as part of its updated draft local plan, which is currently out for consultation.

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Jealott’s Hill in Warfield was identified as the site for the new homes – 1,400 of which are set to be made affordable.

Working with Syngenta, the multi-national tech company which currently operates from the area, Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) chiefs pointed to the green belt land in Warfield as the site for the 4,000 homes and new infrastructure.

Bracknell News:

But “more than 1,000” residents are fighting these plans, according to one concerned neighbour who has submitted their reasons for not wanting the development.

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Naomi Rothwell-Boyd argues BFC cannot demonstrate exceptional circumstances for removing green belt land as none of the circumstances, such as the importance of Syngenta and the boost in housing numbers, are ‘fully evidenced’ or ‘justified’.

Bracknell News:

Her submission also disputes that the proposed plans go against the purposes of designating Green Belt land.

This would mean, according to the Warfield resident, a “dramatic increase in traffic” from 8,000 new cars on the road, merging settlements and potential damage to listed buildings.

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Ms Rothwell-Boyd also has concerns about the impact on the environment and wildlife and suggests the development could harm red kites, protected species like bats and agricultural habitats.

She told the News: “’We moved to this rural area for the beautiful countryside with protected wildlife.

“We wanted to escape the constant congestion that comes with living in a developed town.

Bracknell News:

“The Jealott’s Hill development will destroy the Green Belt and habitats for no justifiable reason, which is extremely saddening.

“I also worry about the huge quantity of traffic that a new town of 4,000 entirely unnecessary houses would cause, our roads will be strangled.

“This will not only impact those of us living in the immediate area, but also nearby communities, including Bracknell, Ascot, Maidenhead, Windsor, Wokingham and more.

“It’s so important that we voice our concerns to the Council and do all that we can to stop this going ahead.”

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Pressure has also come from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

In a letter to the News, CPRE bosses wrote: “Bracknell Forest Council is proposing a new inappropriate development of 4000 homes at Jealott’s Hill, sited in prime Metropolitan Green Belt land.

“The proposal clearly states that in order to build these houses, land at Jealott’s Hill will be removed from the Green Belt designation and the Green Belt boundary redefined.

“If this goes ahead, it will be an irreversible loss.”

The local plan consultation opened in October and residents have until Friday, December 6 to send their views to BFC’s planning team.

Andrew Hunter, Director, Place, Planning and Regeneration said: “We are currently consulting on a draft local plan for the borough and welcome comments from residents and interested parties on all of the proposals and planning policies contained in the draft document.

“The proposal at Jealott’s Hill seeks to support jobs and economic development opportunities for the borough, whilst also boosting housing supply and providing supporting infrastructure.

“We will consider all of the representations and comments made before drawing up a final local plan next year, which will then be assessed by an independent Government inspector before it is formally agreed.

“I would encourage residents to submit their comments via the online consultation portal:”