A MEDICAL tattoo artist from Wokingham protested outside Facebook headquarters with a giant inflatable breast after her account was mistaken for pornography.

Vicky Martin who lives in Three Mile Cross artistically tattoos areola's on women who have had a mastectomies from breast cancer to make them feel more confident.

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The 46-year-old uses Facebook as a platform to share her tattoo nipple work on various mastectomy groups and pages in order to inspire other women that they can feel better about their breasts.

However, her account was suspended by Facebook due to her pictures deeming as pornographic and breaching Facebook rules.

She said: "To be blocked by Facebook for it being pornographic is just terrible. Women should be allowed to share their artwork in a closed Facebook group and inspire other women who have had mastectomies. They shouldn't have had their accounts suspended.

"I want to work with Facebook to change the rules so the pictures aren't blocked from people seeing them.

"So to protest outside was amazing as there were 50 of us coming together. I am in awe of the strength of women and I am so blessed to be in this industry but the platform is so important to share my work and for other tattoo artists too."

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Bracknell News:

They also apologised that Vicky's account was suspended and said it was a mistake that "shouldn't have happened".

A Facebook company spokesman said: “Vicky’s profile shouldn’t have been suspended – this was a mistake and we’re sorry for the upset this has caused.

"Whilst nudity isn’t allowed on Facebook, we make exceptions for posts which are clearly intended as medical or educational, which can include images of post-mastectomy areola tattoos.

"The decisions we make when we apply our policies are very nuanced and sometimes we get it wrong. We have restored the posts that were removed."

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However, Vicky is disappointed with their response.

She added: "I have been blocked over 50 times and not all of my accounts are back up.

"I don't want an apology. I want to work with Facebook to change the rules.

"Facebook is an amazing platform if it was used correctly, it could just empower so many women, that's all I want."