A DECISION on a controversial proposal to build a car wash just metres from a special needs school has been delayed.

This comes after councillors decided they needed more information about noise levels from the site after fears were raised about the wellbeing of children at Rise@GHC on Eastern Road.

Bracknell News:

Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) planning officers said noise from jet washes, vacuums and cars would not reach a level unacceptable to children and residents.

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But a study from an acoustics company hired by neighbours living opposite the site reportedly suggested activities at the site would be louder than originally thought.

Bracknell News:

A spokesperson for The Quarters Resident Association told councillors: “We have undertaken painstaking research on the aspects of jet machines by speaking to manufacturers like Karcher, Nilfisk, Interpumps.

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“Having shared this intelligence with Chief Officer and EHO (environmental health officer) this application should never be in front of the panel today if due diligence was undertaken.

“This should have been outrightly rejected.”

Councillors questioned whether an independent noise assessment was carried out and whether accumulated noise had been considered, but members were unconvinced by officers’ answers.

Bracknell News:

Cllr Tony Virgo said: “We often make decisions in this room on the level of probability and listening to different sides, the problem is I am not convinced we have got the absolute picture.”

Cllr Tricia Brown added: “It sounds to me like the hoses plus the vacuums plus the banging of doors plus shouting is going to be over the top.

“The accumulated decibel total should be taken into account and I don’t think it has been.”

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Despite councillors’ concerns, Chairman Colin Dudley warned councillors against refusing the plans as an appeal could from the applicants.

This could mean inspectors choose to give the proposal the go-ahead without placing any restrictions on noise levels, according to Cllr Dudley.

Cllr Mary Temperton asked: “If nothing can be done to stop this application, one has to ask the question, why the council built this very special school in the middle of an industrial area in the first place?”

Bracknell News:

Members voted to defer a decision on the plans so officers could get more information about noise levels from the car wash.

Speaking to the News after the meeting, the spokesperson for The Quarters Residents Association said: “It is a good decision. It’s a partial happiness.

“It should have been rejected because we have proved enough doubt in providing the evidence.

Bracknell News:

“It is a disgrace in a way that planning officers did not have any clue in answers (to members’ questions).

“But anyway, they have been asked to prove it in a similar location and every stakeholder is going to be there.

“I think it will be proven we have been right all along.”