This week's in my view comes from... Peter Smith, President of Bracknell Chamber of Commerce

The success of any community is very dependent on the success of the local business community which provides employment for residents and income for the local authority.

It is very pleasing therefore when the local business community votes to provide additional support for local improvements not available from stretched local authority finances.

In 2007, several local business owners and community leaders came together to propose a Business Improvement District (BID) for the Western and Southern Business Areas.

The Bracknell Investment Group team, chaired by Marie Sabey of Fujitsu, devised a plan which reflected the views of local business when surveyed to:

· Create a coherent identity which is visible and reflects the high standards and values of the businesses in the BID area.

· Encourage the development of more facilities and amenities in pleasant surroundings where people who work across the across the area can eat, meet or relax.

· Develop a more safe and secure working environment to ensure minimal crime, maximum deterrence of crime and speedy arrest of any perpetrators.

· Encourage inter-trading and the development of working relationships to achieve tangible improvements in business performance and drive business development.

· Support relationships, businesses and organisations which seek to improve training, develop skills and assist with staff recruitment.

I am pleased to report that those businesses in the Western and Southern Business Areas who voted have voted in favour of the BID and now the real work begins.

We will next move into the set-up phase in preparation for April 2020 when a suitable private Limited Company needs to be operating to manage the BID. The BID team will continue with this preparation over the period November to April when the BID board will take over.